Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Three birds, one (necrotic) stone

I've decided to depart a little from the game plan. Warmachine is FUN! And I'm really enjoying playing games with my friend Charlie again. And some time ago I posted about speed painting. And I'm really interested in the Horror genre right now.

How to handle all this at once? I'm going to attempt to speedpaint a viable 350 point Cryx army, in "natural" colors that will work well in my horror/sci-fi/superhero game setting too. See my earlier post for more about that setting.

I spent the last few nights testing out color schemes and speedpainting techniques for this project. I'll get some pics up in the next couple of days. None were very satisfying, until the last test. I painted up three Heroscape zombies in one evening, with a color scheme I like (grey flesh with purplish bruises and wounds, and decaying rusted metallics). Fast, and effective.

I trimmed and based up the Cryxian horde, plus a few more models that don't fit in 350 points but share the same paint scheme, and will get the primer on tonight or tomorrow.

If I finish this, I'll actually have a complete army. And, with the addition of a few intrepid heroes, I'll have enough figures to get a skirmish campaign rolling in my newly adopted gaming genre. Coolness!

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