Monday, June 11, 2007

Golf and the miniatures gamer

Well, the hair curler armies lay unattended, as I was playing in a charity golf tournament all day today. Now, this is only the second time in my life I've played golf, but I had a great time. The other guys in my foursome were my best friends, and we spent the hours kidding around and trading good-natured jibes about particularly ill-hit balls (of which there were plenty).

Anyway, more on the hair curlers a bit later this week.

What's this got to do with wargaming? Not much. I did scrounge up as many broken tees as I could find. I glue them inverted onto bases to make inexpensive flight stands for space ships. Ultracheap (free, even) and they look pretty good when painted black.

Comedy moment of the day: our parish priest attempting to set up his ball at the tee-box, using a gag tee someone had slipped into his pocket. This kind of tee has no indentation in the top of it :-)


penguin133 said...

Ref your golf tees, here is another use - as "shell splashes" for Naval wargames, wWI/2. Nothing looks better than the Bismarck surrounded by columns of "spray", paint the bottom sea and the top white! for flight stands I have the ultimate in recycling, p;lastic beer-bottle tops with a hole drilled crosswise, thread in a length of soft iron wire (florists wire) and insert a short piece of plastic drinking straw in the underside of the model. This acts a a socket and stand and model stay separate!

Concentrationally Challenged said...

Cool ideas, Ian. Makes me want to take up naval wargaming, just to use that golf tee idea (INSPIRATION ALERT!!!! NEED TO FOCUS ON THE HAIRBRUSH ARMIES!).

I'm not getting the beer bottle-top idea though. Could be because I don't drink beer, so I can't picture the a pic of these tops on the web somewhere?

I like the notion of seperable stands and spaceships. I'll probably do something similar with these tees: maybe glue a metal pin/wire into the bottom of each ship and drill an accomodating hole down the center of the tee.