Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Man-O-War Madness


Those Khador Man-o-war troopers are TOUGH. Heavy armor, decent DEF, a shooty gun and reach. At 60-ish points for three or them, no less. Ouch.

My friend took four of these guys, Sorscha, four Widowmakers and a Destroyer. That's a sweet list. He picked me apart from a distance, used Sorscha's Feat at just the right moment to knock me to pieces with another volley, and stood with me toe-to-toe in Close Combat once I got close.

Those Widowmakers are DANGEROUS, too. I exposed Kreoss to their lovin' attention and before I could blink he was down to four boxes left on his track. Yowza.

Well played, Charlie. And thanks for the game. I've got a brand new respect for Khador, and need to think hard about what to paint up next to defend the Protectorate.

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