Saturday, June 16, 2007

Painted ACW test strip

Here's the test strip of hairbrush 6mm "figures" I painted up for my budding ACW armies. The pic really shows off the blemishes! You've got to remember that these fellow are only about 6mm tall. To the naked eye, they look more like the thumbnail you'll see in this blog entry than the monsters you'll find if you click on said thumbnail.

Anyway, hopefully you'll agree that you can get a decent representation of a man in uniform with a few strokes of paint. When ranked up and in their hundreds, these little fellows should really give that "mass of humanity" effect I prefer for large scale wargames.

Not as nice as purpose-made 6mm figures, certainly, but the price is right and I think they'll be a lot faster for me to paint. That, hopefully, will be the difference between yet another abandoned pile of lead (er...plastic) and a finished pair of armies I can have some fun with on the tabletop.

If you closely at the full sized pic, you might be able to make out the muskets and bayonets I painted onto the left side of each figure. If you look at the won't. Given that, I'll almost certainly omit this detail on all the following strips. It's just extra work, with little/no benefit to the overall look of the army.

I'm getting ahead of myself, but if this works out, Napoleonics will be the next project to get the hair brush treatment. Peninsular War British/Portuguese and French, in case you're wondering.

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