Sunday, June 17, 2007

Having a Tidy

I spent most of today cleaning up our office / guest bedroom / hobby room in preparation for the imminent arrival of my father-in-law. While it's not exactly painting miniatures, the process of re-organizing my projects and restoring the hobby room to some semblance of order is very therapeutic. And, if I'm not painting, I'm at least handling the little critters and thinking through the projects they go to.

But the real victory today is that, despite going through piles of old projects (Cryx Warmachine, 15mm sci-fi for Alien Squad Leader, Beastmen and Empire/Estalians for Warhammer, 25mm ECW skirmish, 54mm ACW skirmish and a half dozen terrain projects, to name a bunch), the Distraction Daemon didn't come knocking. OK, for a moment I was tempted to put the hair brush figures and horror project aside to paint some lovely Pirate of the Spanish Main prize busts. But that passed. The hair brush armies and horror figures are still front and center.

Then again...I did just hear from my long-lost Warmachine opponent. He and I are going to play next week. My Menites could really use that Zealot unit I started a few months ago...

Help me. Please. Somebody...

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