Monday, June 6, 2011

Gallery: Robot Cluster 0101

We're almost done. Second to last cluster.

A - Another mouse droid. The torse/tracks are one piece, with a small detail piece added on top for a "head" and a missile pod on the left side. Two circular bits were attached at the back for a drive.

B - The other foot. The torso and legs are one piece - the foot of a light MW mech. An antenna was glued to the back. This little bot will be either a command unit, or a spotter to call in more accurate fire from the big gun bots.

C - Legs from a MW mech claw hand. The torso and tall "head" are one piece, the mount and forearm from the pincer claw of a MW ConstructionMech Mk II. Another extra MW vehicular MG on the right side, and a little detail box on the left (covering a big square hole in the chassis).

D - A "hopper" shield droid. Legs are from the heavily cannibalized Heavy Gear walker/roller model. Torso is the shoulder block from a MW ForestryMech. A small MW vehicular turret sits on top.

E - Mini shield droid. This cluster has two shield droids, which helps as they're almost all small bots. Track unit and torso are the elbow joint from a MW MiningMech. The upper structure is part of the 1/35 metal AA gun kit. The front sensor is actually the seat from that kit. Googly eye shield dome on top.

F - "Hawk" droid. Track unit and torso are another MiningMech elbow joint. The head is a single large claw from a MW assault mech's hand, mounted upside down to form the head and beak. The "wings" are structural pieces from the bits box...can't recall what they were originally.

G - Another mini walker. Legs are from a MW industrial mech's claw hand. Head/torso and gun are details from a MW vehicle.

Note: links out to Troll and Toad are used here only because they offer decent images of the MechWarrior figures. I have no relationship to that company, not have I bought from them. Not to say I wouldn't, but I haven't yet.

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