Sunday, June 5, 2011

Gallery: Robot Cluster 0100

Team Caterpillar! I generally avoided easily recognizable paint schemes. No yellow and green John Deere bots, for instance. But I could resist the iconic yellow/black Caterpillar scheme seen around construction sites everywhere. I made some small changes, using a true yellow instead of a yellow-orange, and adding white accents. I'm quite happy with the result on this cluster.

A - Anamorphic missile bot. I don't remember where the monowheel comes from. The torso comes from a MicroMachines Star Wars humanoid droid. The head is a sensor pod or something like that from a MW mech. Arms are just straight bits cut from some detail part. The weapons are halves of a MW SRM missile system (the one that sacrificed its base to a droid from the previous cluster).

B - Torso and monowheel are another MW AgroMech rotary saw arm, with the saw teeth trimmed off of the wheel. It's topped with some kind of control gizmo from a plastic GW Imperial Guard figure. The round antenna on top is a 1/35 model tank detail part. Probably a tow ring.

C - Missile mouse droid. I can't remember where the chassis for this one comes from. Wherever it was, I got a pair (see later post for the other one), so I'm guessing it's part of the leg assembly from a MW mech. It's topped with the "canopy" from a MW Fenrir battle armor. The "missile" on the side is one shell from a chain of ammo feeding a MW Legionnaire's massive chain gun.

D - Another MW MiningMech foot, topped with a short superstructure piece and a MW vehicle mini-turret. The gun on the right side is another MW vehicle supernumerary weapon.

E - Go cart droid. The chassis is a metal casting. Part of a 1/35 metal AA mount I picked up with a lot of such things off eBay years ago. The wheels are MechWarrior trike wheels. Turret on top by MW again, off a light vehicle.

F - Heavy shield droid. The wheels are actually a clip of grenades from a large scale mecha robot model. On top I glued a head, from a MicroMachines Star Wars droid, and a rear "engine/shield generator" assembly from a GW 28mm heavy flamer and two googly eyes. The shield from this bot will be bigger and/or stronger than from the others.

G - Wheels/chassis are one piece, of MW origin, but I don't know which model. I attached the sight from a 1/35 metal AA gun kit for a head. The probe/laser on the left side is a wind speed pitot tube from a large scale model jet fighter kit.

Note: links out to Troll and Toad are used here only because they offer decent images of the MechWarrior figures. I have no relationship to that company, not have I bought from them. Not to say I wouldn't, but I haven't yet.

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