Saturday, June 4, 2011

Gallery: Robot Cluster 0011

This is the other cluster with a strong theme to it. All of these droids are armed with missile launchers. OK, some are tiny, but it ties the group together, I think.

A - Tiny scout droid. The whole body and leg section is a single piece. A foot from a small MechWarrior mech. The grenade pack from a Heavy Gear walker has been glued to the back as a small missile launcher, and that's about it.

B - Top-heavy monowheel. The wheel is from that Heavy Gear walker (roller?) that gave up so many of its parts to this droid force. The torso is a MW heavy mech weapon mount. The head is an angular piece trimmed from a MW mech. The launcher "arms" are small launchers from a MW vehicle.

C - Heavy missile bot. This one reminds me of a runt version of the old Robotech Spartan mech. The torso is the torso of a MechWarrior ForestryMech, with a tiny gun glued on top where the head used to be. Missile arms are from a MW Koshi. "Leg" piece is from one of those land mines I took from a Spawn action figure.

D - The torso is, I think, the bottom of an engine from a car model. The head is the canopy from a MW ForestryMech. Legs are mechanical pieces from the crane from a MW J110 Recovery Vehicle. Missile launcher is from a Behemoth tank. Those launchers are a good example of taking advantage of the overgunned MW tank models. In my opinion, the Behemoth is far more interesting looking without those two huge missile racks hanging off the turret.

E - This little bitty droid has wheels from a 1/35 scale pulley, head from a 1/35 missile launcher sight, and a small MechWarrior vehicle launcher pack glued onto the side.

F - Legs are the base of a MW SRM Battery. The upper body and head are a detail piece from a 1/32 car engine...or maybe transmission. The missile launcher on the right side is off the top of a MW Maxim, glued onto the bot sideways. On the left, another googly eye makes this bot the shield droid for the cluster.

G - Another land mine set of legs, topped with a column of plastic...I think its part of a large beam weapon from a MW mech..., topped with another Maxim turret.

Note: links out to Troll and Toad are used here only because they offer decent images of the MechWarrior figures. I have no relationship to that company, not have I bought from them. Not to say I wouldn't, but I haven't yet.

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