Monday, September 17, 2012

Uniformed Superteam

I really ought to start thinking of names for these characters I'm painting up.  Blog post titles like "Uniformed Superteam" really don't have much snap and sizzle, eh?

Anyway, I've finished a new team for my growing collection of 15mm superheroes and villains.  I wanted a uniformed team, inspired by the X-Men, Alpha Flight, etc.  I wanted each character to be unique, bringing his/her/its own speciality to the team's combined strength.

One of the reasons I like collecting 15mm superheroes is the challenge of incorporating figures originally meant for other games and scales, in order to make a large and varied collection of heroes and villains.

This team consists of (links go to the relevant products):

The whole team

Team Leader - Shootist
Critical Mass Games mercenary

Team Leader - rear view

Martial artist with powered weapon
Rebel Minis superhero

Martial artist - rear view

Armored Brawler
Rebel Minis superhero

Armored Brawler - rear view

Alien Teleporter
Critical Mass Games mercenary

Alien Teleporter - rear view

Robotic Speedster
MechWarrior Clix battle armor

Robotic Speedster - side view

Mutant Brawler
Vor Growler Pup

Mutant Brawler - side view
Please forgive the quality of the photos.  I took them quickly with my iPhone.  I keep promising to get out my lightbox and take proper pictures, but time spent doing that is time I can't spend painting.  My free time is very limited, and I'm afraid painting wins, at least for now.  Once I get them based up, I'll set aside some time to photograph the whole collection to date.

Next up, some low- and un-powered types.  Police officers (Rebel Minis terrific Mall Cops pack), and an armored villain with his gang of uniformed thugs.

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