Friday, August 24, 2012

Complete superteam

I had a rare opportunity to paint a little bit last night, and finally finished up the super team I've been plugging away on.  The bases need sand and paint, but the figures are completed.  This is the team that will attempt to stop the elementals I posted earlier, in the mini-campaign I want to run.

All of the figures are from Rebel Miniatures, except the giant brawler.  She's from the 33mm SuperFigs line (Zoya).  She's meant to have growth powers in that larger line of figures, so in 15mm she's just that much bigger.  I just clicked through to the detail page for her figure, and see that I've painted her almost exactly as she appears there.  Red and black are reversed, and I have her as a blonde, but otherwise very, very similar.  I don't think I'd ever seen the painted picture of her on the Old Glory site before, but come on.  I must have.  Right?

SuperFigs Zoya
SuperFigs Zoya, from a little different angle

Anyway, she was fun to paint.  The sculpting isn't great.  Her hands are quite angular, as is the inside of her left arm.  But she's imposing and huge on the table with her 15mm team mates, and I like what she brings to the team.

Dark, poor iPhone image of the completed team


Jay said...

Very nice painting, Sir. I'd want the blue eyed beauty on my team too!

Kobold said...

Very nice, and I like the group shot, too - reminds me of the early Avengers.

Will Scarvie said...

Thanks very much, both of you. And yes. The early Avengers period of comics is just about exactly the period I'm shooting for in my collection, in terms of look and feel. I'm very glad to hear that's coming through.

John Bear Ross said...

Excellent team composition! It's nice to see people use PF's sculpts so well.

Keep it up.


Will Scarvie said...

Thank you. I really love PF's sculpts.