Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Reinforcements, and distractions

This blog wouldn't be titled as it is if I didn't get distracted in my projects.

The local club has been playing a lot of Saga lately. It's a fun game and I enjoy the camaraderie at the club a great deal.  So, I bought up some extra figures from some of the members, and am now in the midst of painting up six points of Irish warriors in 28mm. 

So, while it's a distraction, at least it's a Dark Ages distraction.

The first figure was a test figure of sorts.  I found a really great blog that featured some ECW highlanders (Project Auldearn 1645) and I wanted to try my hand at painting tartans like those before I committed to using them everywhere in the war band.  I was pretty happy with the first tartan, and the second came out even better.  You can see the rest of the war band in the background.  There are about thirty-five more tartans to paint...

It's slow going, as irregular armies always seem to be. Especially irregular armies clad in plaid. 

Meanwhile, reinforcements for my 54 Dark Ages project have arrived. Thirty Conte Normans, Saxons and Vikings, kindly sent by one of the readers of this blog. Thank you, Bill!

I'm looking forward to getting these painted some time between now and Christmas. Or at least some of them. These figures are just loaded with character. They are very soft plastic, however. I anticipate weapon replacements in brass for many of them. Maybe all of them. 

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Jay said...

Very nice work, sir.